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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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let's begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> this is the pineapple express that's aimed towards the bay area through this upcoming weekend. and that's the main reason we have all of the rainfall in the forecast that will lead to an elevated flood threat saturday and sunday. currently as our stormranger scans around, you can see a few light showers right now. but we could see it pick up a little bit by late tonight. in advance of the storm system there's a flash flood watch in effect 6 p.m. on saturday to 9 p.m. on sunday. that's when we could have the heaviest rainfall and creeks witness rivers and streams could have a rise in the water. 9 p.m. tonight, a little rainfall begin to develop near the coastline and then we'll see our first wave of wide spread
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rain arave srive saturday morni. we want to take you to stormranger. our mobile doppler radar. we can move this to where the storm is the strongest. another update at 6:10 and 6:19 tonight. along the peninsula, this be a good test. will the san fra see to creek overflow like it did in the late 1990s. this is along 101 in palo alto. michelle roberts is there this eve evening. is there still a concern for the homeowners? >> reporter: yeah, there is a concern. the project isn't finished yet. we're still a year out. in this spot what they're doing is raising the levee three feet to protect the neighborhoods that are right close to the creek. east palo alto is right behind
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me. many are worried about this weekend. >> i see on the tv that the weather is coming. >> reporter: felix perez spent the afternoon cleaning the gutter outside-house. he said he's never experienced flooding but his neighbors are warned him if the creek floods like it did in 1988 >> now i'm prepared. >> reporter: stoed a few people stopped by the free sandbag pile in mountain view to protect their homes. and city public works crews have been preparing all week. >> we check the storm water stations to make sure that the pumps are go pumps are good, just to make sure everything is prep before the rained stops. >> reporter: tru value hardware in mountain view seems to be a popular spot.
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the owner put in a larger order of parts. >> the ropes, a lot of water diverter things, get the water away from the house. >> reporter: well there are sensors all along the creek to measure the levels and if those reach a dangerous level, abemergency alert will be sent out. you can sign up for them. we have the link on our website and they'll text message you if flooding could be a possibility in your neighborhood. reporting live, michelle reports, nbc bay area news. >> the preparations continue throughout the bay area. this is in san francisco. the crews are cleaning out storm drains. businesses and homeowners are also using sandbags. we'elise joins us live. >> reporter: they're taking the storm very seriously.
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you can see sandbags on the ground here in front of businesses. here's why. the creek is so close and it's flooded before. >> they only have to be halfway full. >> reporter: as quickly as the sand arrives, residents like brenda johnson shovel it up and into bag to take home. >> it looks like ants in a sugar hill. i was watching everybody encroach on each other. >> reporter: but living here she knows what can happen if you don't prepare for when the water levels along the creek rise and then flood like they did in 2005 when she lost everything nlts i was floored because it only happened within, from the flood warning past flood stage, it took maybe four minutes and it was in our house. >> reporter: with punishing rains that only happen around once every quarter century predicted to hit this weekend. downtown merchants have learned from past flooding are stuffing sandbags along store fronts. and putting up flood gates in
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front of businesses. >> in case the storm is as bad as they say it's going to be. >> if we get anywhere from 5 to 10 inches, depending on the intensity, duration, location, we could flood. >> reporter: because if the storm is that bad, this area notorious for flooding could be on the front lines. >> we're pretty much ground zero. we're surrounded by mountains here or hills and we are at the bottom of the bathtub. >> reporter: and because think e they're at the so-called bottom of the bathtub, residents are urged to get the sandbags before the flood hits and to listen for the flood horns or sirens should they be activated overthe weekend. elise kirshner, nbc bay area news. download our free bay city app. >> it's easy to get connected to
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weather outside by going inside the app on your smartphone. click on radar on the weather page. zero in to your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you what you need to know when you need to know it. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. communities in santa cruz are getting ready for this weekend's storm. they will be getting the brunt of it. coming up in the next half-hour, we e we'll show you the trouble they're facing. at this hour, the ft. lauderdale airport remains closed. the shooter is in custody and so far five people have died. here's what we know about the supported gunman. 26-year-old santiago was discharged last year by the national guard in alaska for unsatisfactory performance. relatives say he was treated for mental illness and investigators say he recently contacted and spoke with the fbi about hearing
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voices and disturbing messages. no word on why he traveled to florida with his gun in niz checked baggage. he loaded the gun after the flight in a rest room there at the airport and began firing in a baggage claim area. five people are dead, eight are wounded. this has been a terrifying experience for the hundreds of people stuck on the tarmac in ft. lauderdale for seven hours. just in the last few minutes many were able to get off of the plane. bob, your sister was stuck on the tarmac. how is she doing and what's going on right now. >> reporter: good evening to you, raj. within the past 30 minutes most of the airplanes that were stk out here on the runway has returned back to the terminal. my sister and my brother-in-law was stuck on the plane for seven hours. they're back in the terminal. what they described in the terminal was a tremendous law
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enforcement press with officers care ruing semi automatic weapons. my brother-in-law describing navy s.e.a.l. teams. there's still a lot of luggage and clothes with dogs still sniffing through the objects. my family was lucky that their flight was delayed out of new york city because it was supposed to run roughly around the time that the shooting took place. i don't know if it was on time that they would have been in the terminal. but they weren't here. they did land an hour afterwards, around 2:10 this afternoon and it was seven and a half hours stuck on the airplane. they did have live tv. they were aware of what was going on. they did have toilets but unfortunately they did not have water. and now for hundreds of passengers stuck on the plane, they have to take a bus elsewhere. from what i said, i was en route to ft. lauderdale with all of
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this happened. i was on alligator highway, the main highway that by sects the every glai everglades. we saw one deputy car blasting by with his lights on. this was an hour and a half after the shooting. when we were passing the airport, we saw a s.w.a.t. van jumping the curb, that was an hour and a half a f the shooting. it just demonstrates how concerned law enforcement was at the time of the possibility of there being a second shooter. we now know there is not. this is three hours from orlando, and here we are in the new year, another florida city trying to grapple with a tragedy of its own. reporting live, bob redell. >> thanks for the update. our investigative unit has been looking into tsa rules for traveling with a firearm.
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it's legal to travel with a gun as long as it's part of your checked bag badpa baggage. the gun has been unloaded open locked in a hard case. it's i illegal to travel with a gun in your carryon bag. but a record number of guns were seized from carry-on bags in 2016. up from 2600 guns found in carry-ones the year before. over 80% of the guns seized in 2015 were loaded. we're not done of the coverage of the breaking news story. in less than 30 minutes we're going to bring in our aviation analyst for his analysis. we have a follow-up on the student art project that sparked a lot of controversy nationwide. it was a painting hang in the u.s. capitol has been taken down. we brought you to story on wednesday. the painting depicts police
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officers as pigs pointing guns at african-americans. today, california representative duncan hunter personally took it down. the move comes after police unions across the country, insclugd san jose, oakland and san francisco demanded that this art be removed. still to come, kidnapped and sexually assaulted. the disturbing crime that started on a b.a.r.t. train and how police tracked down the suspect. a new supervisor appointed to a popular district in san francisco and he's breaking new ground. his personal story and what those in his district are hoping he delivers. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the storm arrives this week en. the winds will pick up 20 to 40 miles an hour saturday morning. here are the top rivers that could reach top flood stage by monday night.
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jeff sheehy (she-he) is openly h-i-v positive... and just began new at 6:00, a first for san francisco. jeff shee hey is hopely hiv positive and just begin his first term serving on the board of soouupervisors. christy smith is in san francisco with the impact of the new board member. >> reporter: people today describe him as someone request
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passion and integrity. we spoke with businesses and residents in the district. they like what he said so far and they hope that he digs into some of the city's big issues. >> the mayor didn't appoint a person. she appointed a family. >> reporter: with his husband and daughter close by, jeff stood with san francisco city leaders today. >> in san francisco we get caught up in a lot of big issues. but there are kids here. this is our future. >> reporter: the mayor ed lee appointed him to the vacant seat in district 8. he's described as a long time hiv and aids activist >> i'd like to talk about the hiv community. this is historic. we've never had somebody openly living with hiv on the board of supervisors. >> reporter: today he reflected being a voice for long tim survivors.
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>> if you had told me i would live to 40, i would have said i don't think. >> reporter: he talked public safety, health care and education. >> i think he's tackling the big thing, transition homeless housing. >> reporter: sam said she could no longer afford the valley. >> he didn't say anything about justification which as a musician and an artist a wor worrisome topic. >> my hope is we can bring people together and find solutions. >> reporter: now he will be sworn in on sunday afternoon in a ceremony at city hall. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. a san francisco has has been charged with a brutal sexual assault that begain on b.a.r.t. foster was formerly charged with kidnapping and rape today. he forced a woman off of the
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b.a.r.t. train last month and brutally raped her. investigators identified foster after the register's sex offender's dna matched satchels taken from the victim. >> it makes it safe for other people riding b.a.r.t. and other public transit, it makes it safe for everybody that's out there to know that manny foster is now behind bars. >> nbc bay area learned that foster was convicted of sexual assault last year. in that case the prosecutors wanted him to be tracked using a gps device. the judge denied that request. continuing coverage now of san francisco's tilting millennium tower which has spawned another lawsuit. the owner of 20 units in the high-rise luxury building filed a lawsuit against the city attorney's office and the
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terminal under construction next door. the residents claim that the city officials conspired with the developer to hide the tower's sinking problems with the condo owners. the claims appear to be partly based on documents first uncovered by nbc bay area in august. the city attorney's office denies any involvement in a conspiracy and points out it's suing the developers from hide information from perspective buyers. park rangers began shutting down the roads and the visitors center less than 90 minutes ago. the roads will remain closed through the weekend. here's why. there's also a flood concern near yosemite. this was the scene back in 1996 and '97 when the recover overflowed because of the storms causing water to cover the valley floor. jeff is keeping a close eye on our riffs as wevers as well.
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>> a storm system we may normally have been okay in is just going to make things worse. 's already saturated and that's why we may have river flooding. here to track the storms we have stormranger. our mobile doppler radar on wheels. we'll have it deployed out and we'll be tracking the rainfall with a higher intensity wu not only our doppler radar but a an x-band radar as well. a look now at the stormranger scan you can see some spotty showers offshore. some rain tleen 7:00 to 10:00 tonight. nothing extremely heavy. offsho it's more of a light to moderate rainfall 100 miles out. but there's a ton more to come. again it's the pineapple express. it's going to be aimed right toward northern california. and all signs continue to show that saturday and sunday will
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undergo some heavier periods of rain that could bring some flooding. 9:00 p.m. tonight, the rain developing near the coastline. the first wave of wide spread rain, possibly heavier pockets by 7:00 a.m. on saturday. then by the evening hours on saturday, we may get a break here but then things will kick up by 11:30. check out the colors. orange and red a extremely heavy rainfall. we have several pockets of that that are possible saturday night in the north bay, east bay, san francisco and the south bay. and then look at this, continuous rainfall through 9 a.m. on sunday and that may last into sunday night. that's where that flooding threat comes from in the forecast. the worst day when the rivers will continue to rise and we may have isolated street flooding would be on sunday and maybe into parts of monday, then we'll undergo on and off again periods of rain into portions of next week. sunday looks the worst of it. if you're heading up to the
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sierra or know anyone there, the travel the next two days will be very dangerous. snow 5 to 10 inches on saturday. a rain/snow mix on sunday and then chances of snow all week long. i'll have an update on the river levels and where it could reach flood stage 6:30 tonight. well, growing flu concerns here in the bay area. the new warning following the first flu related death of the season in napa county. happening now on our home page:
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==reveal== first lady michelle obama held
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her last event as "first lady" today. she spoke at a ceremony honorin happening now on our home page, first lady michelle obama held her last event today speaking at a ceremony honoring school counselors. and near freezing temps didn't stop surfers are taking a dip in lake michigan. waters so cold some surfers watched icicles form on their beard. that video on our twitter feed. more after the break. ♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all.
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not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. of course we're continuing to track the storm system out here in the pacific which will bring major rainfall to the bay area. it's just hours away from getting started and it's going to increase the flooding threat this weekend. not only are we covering up at nbc bay area but also at telemundo. looks like a lot of rain for the south bay. >> that is correct, jeff. a big event this weekend. and we want to make sure that you also get this information in
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es pan yol. so for you friends who get coverage in spanish, watch up at telemundo channel 40. we're going to track the storm  and we'll also have updates on our website. back to you, jeff. >> so telemundo, nbc bay area and stormranger joining forces to keep you ahead of the storm this weekend. a flu claimed another life in california, this one in napa. the napa health department is not releasing details but we learned that the patient is under the age of 65. this is the third-related flu death in the state since last week. the health department is urging people, it's not too late to get the flu shot as soon as possible. a lot of frustrated passengers on b.a.r.t. this morning. the problem started at the west oakland station just before 8:00 this morning.
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west oakland is the major hub for trains headed to and from san francisco. but a disabled b.a.r.t. car meant all traffic to the city had to be stopped. took nearly two hours before the stalled train was removed and full service was restored. they're still trying to figure out why the strain stalled out. up next, right in the path of the storm. we're live in santa cruz mountain to see how the people are getting ready for possibly eight inches of rain. the mass shootings at the ft. lauderdale international airport is having a ripple effect at airports across the nation. fort lauderdale's airport
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remains closed at this right now at 6:30, we continue to follow the breaking news in florida where ft. lauderdale's airport remains closed at this time. no word on when it will reopen. five people were killed and eight people are still hospitalized after a gunman opened fire if one of the baggage claim areas. >> 26-year-old esteban santiago. he was discharged last year by the alaska national guard for unsatisfactory performance. he was treated for mental illness and investigators ahe recently contacted the fbi about hearing voices and disturbing messages. >> no word yet on why he was traveling to florida with a gun inside of his checked luggage but apparently he loaded the weapon after the flight was over in a restaurant there at the airport and then began firing in
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the baggage claim area. when he ran out of ammunition, he was then at that point taken into custody. >> and any minute now investigators will be giving an update on the investigation. a news conference. we'll keep an eye on the situation and update you on any information. >> you see the podium and all of the microphones being et sup there. tensions are high at the airports across the country. >> extra security at sfo which has direct flight to ft. lauderdale. damian true hey yo continues our coverage. >> reporter: that alaska flight from ft. lauderdale arrived here at 2:00 this afternoon. they departed before the gun fire erupted and they were met here at sfo with a heavy police presence. police officers at sfo pulled out their heavy fire power today. the heightened alert was in response to the shootings in ft.
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lauderdale. >> i think it's crazy. yeah. too much hate. >> reporter: some passengers arriving on 34 5 from ft. lauderdale didn't want to talk about the shootings. other passengers still appeared shaken after learning about the attack in flight. >> horrifying. we were in terminal one, it happened in terminal two but it happened when we ewere in the air. >> we were watching it on the news on the plane. we were so shocked that this happened. >> reporter: a flight to ft. lauderdale departed this morning, that flight landed in orlando and passengers were shuttled to ft. lauderdale because the airport remained closed. and that heavy police presence remains here at sfo. i've seen police officers who are heavily armed, with k-9s patrolling all of the terminals. hear with more insight on
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today's shooting is our aviation analyst mike mccarron. lots of security increased at sfo. baggage claim areas are really public. do you think that's going to change? >> i would be surprised if they did anything more than just having more police presence there. it's public facility, just as a mall, a department store, a school auditorium and they have to have access there. that's not a secure area and i don't see anything drastically changing. >> we just spoke with our reporter there in ft. lauderdale. he said he sister was stuck on the tarmac for seven hours. there's so much talk about keeping passengers stuck on the tarmac. are there changes? >> there are changes if there are weather delays and a passenger bill of rights, 90 minutes, they have to refund tickets. but this is a security issue. they tnt know if there was a
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second person involved or multiple people involved. they had to scan and fan out and get everyone cleared out of the build. once they secured the build, they could talk about people getting in. it's also a crime scene. is coroner has to come in and do a process to identify the bodies and make sure that everything is covered. that was the biggest delay today. >> the suspect heard voices, went into the fbi's office a couple of months ago telling them he's hearing things and he has mental issues, right? >> that's what it sounds like. this is not related to aviation, just a security issue. he was thrown out of the national guard rather quickly for being unsuitable. he was hearing voices, he was having mental issues. why was he allowed to have a concealed permit, able to carry a gun on a plane. why weren't these things discussed before this happened. >> do you think that will change? >> i would hope so.
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i would hope that people have mental issues and have mental issues cannot get a concealed permit. i don't think that's a proper thin thing to do. everybody who is law abiding has a right to carry and i appreciate that and support that but people with mental issues we need to look at more closely. >> so many years at sfo. did florida handle it correctly? >> from everything i've seen, it looks like they did a great job. they sequestered the area. they want to make sure it's safe for everyone. if they start letting people out and there's other people, you could be walking into an ambush. they wanted to make sure the area was secure. >> and make sure that nobody tamp e ers with the evidence prchl. >> it's methodical, tedious and time-consumi time-consuming. >> thank you so much. well president obama has been briefed on the ft.
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lauderdale shooting, in a conference with governor rick scott, he offered any federal resources that the state might need. florida's governor reached out to president-elect donald trump. he used twitter to express sorrow over the shootings, saying, monitoring the terrible situation in florida. just spoke with governor scott. thoughts and prayers for all. stay safe. >> stay with us for the continuing coverage of the story on air and online. we're updating our digital plat tomorrows 24/7 and we'll be monitoring the news conference beginning in florida. a live look at our satellite radar showing the system hours away from hitting the bay area. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is keeping an eye on the storm and our local rivers. >> right now stormranger is detecting a few spotty showers offshore and we could have some light activity develop between
6:36 pm
7:00 and 11:00 tonight. the bulk of it is expected this weekend. that's why we have a flash flood watch issued from 6:00 p.m. saturday until 9:00 p.m. sunday. that's the zone of heaviest rainfall we expect to come our way. creeks, rivers and streams could rise quickly. watch them very closely. now i am watching four different rivers here across the bay area that could get close to flood stage. the first one is the guadalupe, up to 15.2 feet sunday night and early monday morning. flood stage is 17 feet. also close to flood stage, francisquito creek. and then up to the north, napa river close to flood stage at 24.2 feet sunday evening. and then the russian river, this looks like it could surpass flood stage, 35.2 feet sunday evening. we have stormranger here and it is going to help us track the
6:37 pm
weather a much more detailed view of the rain and the storm activity as it moves in. check out the hashtag on twitter and instagram. a new update at 6:48. santa cruz mountains may be the bullseye for this weekend's storm. those communities are still trying to recover from the storm that hit on wednesday. today some homeowners were cleaning up after a mudslide. and 70 horse owners evacuated the equestrian facility. >> it looks like the river, the atmospheric river they're talking about. i don't want to be hauling horses out in the middle of it. >> so many people were collecting sandbags today. valley churches united ran out of san bags for a bit. but more sand has arrived. the fire department just delivered another 25 tons. our nbc bay area app is a great way to track the storms. you can access the doppler radar and get a detailed forecast for
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your neighborhood. a clear preference for donald trump. u.s. intelligence officials say that's what motivated russian hacker to tamper with the recent presidential election. they say russia launched a massive hacking and disinformation campaign to undermine the democratic process and to hurt candidate hillary clinton. today the heads of the fbi and cia and national intelligence briefed president-elect trump. before hearing a word trump told the "new york times" that the investigation was a political witch hunt. after the beriefing he said thee wouz was no effect on the outcome of the election. the first lady's personal invite to a bay area student during her last event at the white house. morning.
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the fire started just after four a-m on harrison street, in the an apartment building burst into flames in oakland this morning. the fire started after 4:00 a.m. in the grand lake district. it spread to a dozen units. a wall heater lit a blanket on fire. first lady michelle obama personally invited a bay area student to the white house today. the 17-year-old has been selected for an advisory board which she launched last year to help students navigate the college application process. well his visit, he sat front row, it happened to coincide with michelle obama's last remarks. a victory parade in oakland today for the high school football team. a rally was held in downtown oakland for the team that won
6:42 pm
the state championship. they won the first championship in the history of the oakland athletic league. the rally was held outside city hall. >> that is so cool. one of the most historic high schools in the area. jeff ranieri is here now. i got to know for my son's little league team, practice is canceled tomorrow. >> i think that's a good call. all of the forecast models continue to point at the rainfall this weekend. stormranger showing a few showers developing offshore right now. when will we see that moving into san jose? possibly as early as 10:00 tonight. 'vel the weekend storm time line and the rainfall totals that could surpass six inches in five minutes. this week alone we've help return more tan 10 grand to viewers like you. we'll explain how, nbc bay area
6:43 pm
responds, next. center during the holidays.
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6:45 pm
in fact, our prod not much of a vacation for our consumer investigation center during the holidays. the producer have been so busy they hit another milestone. >> chris is here with the money saving scoreboard. >> we've saved consumers more than $450,000. our total stands at $464,750 as of this evening. here are a couple of cases recentlily resolved. a san francisco doctor reached out to us saying he took out a loan to buy medical equipment. he was charged interest and fees
6:46 pm
that weren't properly disclosed. after we contacted the company, it dropped the interest in fees saving the doctor 8500 dollars. and a san francisco woman reached out to us asking us to step in after a former employer didn't pay her for business expenexe expens expenses. we contacted the employer and she got a check for $1200. have a great weekend. we're going to have a wet weekend is what we're going to have. >> it can still be great. >> i don't see anything showing a dry scenario. it's not one of those where some of them are showing nothing and some forecast models are showing a lot. everything is pointing towards rainfall on saturday and sunday. we have our mobile doppler radar, called stormranger. check out the hashtag on twitter and instagram. it's a dual doppler radar
6:47 pm
equipped with an x-band meaning we have better detail because it's close to the surface. it's mobile. we can move it wherever we need to when the storm moves in. let's get a look right now. it's positioned right near the coastline so we can analyze things as it begin to intensify. a few spotty showers showing up but we're starting to see things develop out here ahead of the storm 200 miles offshore. with this on the way, a flash flood watch saturday 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on sunday. the creeks and rivers will rise fast. the entire bay area is under the flaush flood watch. please watch closely if you have a creek, river or stream near your house. you know who you are. here's the main reason why we're very certain we'll get heavy rainfall this weekend. the pineapple express, a copious
6:48 pm
amount of moisture, a fire hose aimed at north california is positioned to move here toward the bay area. here's the deal. 9:00 p.m. tonight we get rainfall developing near the immediate coastline. first wave of wide spread rainfall, possibly heavier pockets by 7:00 a.m. as the rain moves in it doesn't look nearly as cold it has been the past two mornings. we'll start off milder, 51 in the south bay, low 50s for the peninsula and the tri-valley. wet, slick, a lot of water on your windshield. and if you don't have to do too much this weekend, maybe you stay at home and catch up on movies. let's get you to future cast. for the morning we'll get rainfall and then undergo a break by 6:00 on saturday. don't let your guard down. it's all about saturday night
6:49 pm
for the sub tropical moisture stream to be aimed toward the bay area. that's when things should amplify right into sunday morning and then we'll see heavier pockets of rain sunday night. saturday and sunday is wet. rainfall totals, no big change in this. a lot of colors on this. red and purple in the north bay, you're in the two to four inch rain, red and purple for the peninsula and east bay, also two to four inches, santa cruz mountains, right here we could hit six to eight inches. the rivers will rise. if you missed this earlier, russian river will go to flood stage sunday night, early monday. we'll be close to flood stage for the napa river at downtown napa. and for the guadalupe river. we'll be close to flood stage sunday night at 15.2 feet. a quick look at the extended forecast. we'll see on and off rain into early next week.
6:50 pm
we may be tracking river flooding into tuesday and wednesday. temperatures across the board remain similar. so sunday please please be careful and watch it. i'll watch the forecast and if we see a change i'll update you. >> we'll be here through the weekend monitoring the weather. up next, we're heading to texas. that's where the raiders are. and unfortunately if you're a raiders' fan, another big setback. the game is tomorrow. we'll tell you what happened today. stay with us. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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geting ready for tomorrow's i've. waiting to say this all week >> i know you have. >> deep in the heart of texas the raiders are in houston getting ready for tomorrow
6:53 pm
afternoon's playoff game. >> another major setback. >> reporter: hey, guys. i'm alongside raiders insider scott bear and we're in houston getting ready for the playoff game against the houstons. it's really cold out here. it is unfair, the hits just keep oncoming for the oakland raiders. their latest blow coming on friday as raiders announce the left tackle has been ruled out of saturday's game. how will this affect the game? >> i'll be honest with you. this is like a joe frazier punch to the gut. this is a big deal that's going to knock the wind out of a an offensive line. he was probably the nfl's premier left blocking tackle. t to lose him.
6:54 pm
he tried to hard to get back to the game, just wasn't able to do it and now they're going to have to mix and match somewhat. they're going to have watson move to the left side from right tackle. they're going to try to make the best of a bad situation. >> reporter: as you mentioned, he did everything he could to play this game and that he was in tears because not only does he not -- is he not able to play the playoff game, but he hasn't missed a game in his entire nfl career. >> and that career spans 156 glam games. that's an incredible sum for anyone. nobody lasts that long. he's only played in one post season game in that span. it's heartbreaker for donald penn who wanted so bad to play in the game and wasn't physically able to do so. >> reporter: predictions. do you think the raiders can win this game with connor cook? >> i don't think connor cook was the problem. but losing donald penn changes
6:55 pm
the way i think about things. i think it's going to be a rough one. i think it will be close but maybe without penn, with cook under center, so many things coming at them, it could be 2017 texans. >> reporter: don't say that. i thought you said they were going to win. >> i did until donald got hurt. >> reporter: i'm fallon smith, back to you. >> hopefully his prediction is incorrect. a big game for the shark tomorrow night. the shark will honor members of the california gold seals. it's been 50 years since they dropped the puck in the bay area. they lasted nine seasons and they helped pave the way for hockey's ultimate return in the form of the san jose sharks. today a meet and greet session among the young and old. >> it was the start of the success here. i think that we were part of it and i think once the people got educated with the game of hockey in the bay area, i think it just
6:56 pm
exploded and i think it's great. >> by the way, they face detroit tomorrow night at 7:30. we've got a big day of watching tv. raiders tomorrow afternoon and then the sharks tomorrow night >> those of you who live near the rivers, creeks and streams, you're going to want to watch that. storm arrives on saturday. two to five inches from saturday to monday morning. worst weather on sunday. that's when the flood concern is the highest as the creeks, rivers and streams could reach flood stage. by monday we'll get a little bit of a break but on and off rain chances all throughout next week. but the biggest concern would be saturday through monday morning and then we can reassess and move on. >> stock up for the batteries if are your flashlight if there are power outages as well. >> good point. have a good night, folks.
6:57 pm
see you back here at 11:00. video,
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